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“We will help improve the quality of the world by helping individuals improve the quality of their life. We will claim those counted as lost, revive those counted as dead, and empower those counted as nobodies to see their worth and beauty in God’s creation. ”



“Always serving each person with a heart of humility and agape love to improve the health and total being of the world one person at a time.”


LaChish founded her first business at age 16 in 2000. 

In the last twenty years this small business has expanded beyond the traditional walls of targeting only church venues to encourage through performing arts, speaking, and collaborating Christian groups to work as one unit. The scope has expanded to organizing various Christian Cafes where aspiring musical, spoken word, and performing arts personnel can showcase their gifts. From church sanctuaries being transformed into candlelit cafes to college campuses being turned into sanctuaries, the last several years has brought many positive people together for clean and safe fun.


LaChish began her service in ministry as a junior usher and choir member in elementary school. She identified her call to ministry through the preached word at the age of 14. Her first sermonette was in a platform youth service that year. Her initial sermon was at the age of 16, "From Condemnation to Glorification." Romans 8. In the past twenty-four years LaChish has served in almost every capacity in church: from finance, to media, ministerial staff, to musician. She believes it's important to be available to assist wherever needed. For several years LaChish sent out daily devotionals through emails to hundreds of subscribers. After thousands of devotionals, she was encouraged to accept her calling as a pastor. She co-founded The King’s Church in 2010. God’s Anointed Ministries has served in both foreign and domestic outreach missions, serving orphans, the homeless, sick, and less fortunate.


Simply LaChish has expanded yet again with the publication of her first book, “After the Pain” in 2015. Then her second book, "J.U.M.P. Just Utilize Maximum Potential" in 2017. The lasted project is "F.Y.I. Freeing Yourself Indefinitely!" with "My Freedom Journey" companion journal in 2019. Motivational, self-help, and personal development manuals are becoming available worldwide to service people from all faiths, walks of life, nationalities, and creeds.

Currently, Simply LaChish is working her "WHOLE Life" initiative where she trains and coaches on building a system for wealth: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Everything Simply LaChish does is in efforts to equip mankind to be as great as it was created to be!

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