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Life has a way of teaching many valuable lessons. Often times those lessons are rejected when we are challenged with feelings of pain, hurt, disappointment, and other undesirable emotions. As we journey through life there are certain tools essential for successful progression through adversity. Our purpose is equipping and empowering the reader with those tools.
In a society where we are often hurried along from our pain without proper acknowledgement, understanding, healing, or recovery; we must learn how to prevent trying to submerge or suffocate our pains away. Instead, we will assess each pain and ensure old scars, secret wounds, or shameful experiences have not developed into poor behavioral, emotional, or mental habits. It’s time to face the pain you may not be ready to share with others, and has potentially been destroying the fabric of who you are. When true pain is not addressed it will reappear later, and likely infect and effect multiple areas of your life. Take time to effectively heal, break the cycle of hurting others, and most importantly hurting yourself.
Take this self-reflecting voyage as emotional surgery is performed and a nursing view is used to coach you through recovery. No experience will go wasted again; no lesson ignored or repeated obliviously after you gather each tool from this book. You will utilize the personal power within!

After The Pain

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