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FYI Book with companion My Freedom Journey journal and pen

FYI Bundle

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  •   FYI will give you a reality check on your contribution to the places you’re in. There are no pity parties in store for you here. Instead, you will find a personal coach that teaches you how to see with a clearer vision and challenges your perception of life’s experiences. You will not find a cookie-cutter, robot approach to solving your problems. You will discover the purpose of each experience you have, and learn to optimize your most difficult times. You will be challenged to dig deep, uncover, and unveil the root of your thoughts and emotions which drive your decision-making processes. In doing so you will liberate yourself from the self-limiting, self-defeating, self-sabotaging traps you have camouflaged as strength, boldness, confidence, and appearing unbothered.

         Get ready for this therapeutic journey that will strengthen the foundation of your heart and afford you victory in every area of your life!

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