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Are you tired of failing? Are you tired of starting after goals, dreams, or ambitions only to find yourself halfway through with no light at the end of the tunnel? Have you found yourself in a pattern where you may be "successful" in one area of your life, but feel like a complete "failure" in another area? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, I have the solution for you.

Regardless of what area of life you apply this to, this principle is easily applicable and guarantees your productivity once applied.

First, you must THINK YOU CAN. There's nothing more defeating or sabotaging to your own success than you thinking, feeling, speaking negative, doubtful, or cynical tones about yourself. The easiest way to defeat yourself is with your thoughts. Your thoughts are the words you speak to yourself inwardly. They have direct access to your heart and belief system. More powerful than what anyone else could say, your thoughts carry the loudest volume and heaviest weight in your emotional center. Notice how your thoughts create your mood. If you're thinking about food, you suddenly become hungry. If you're thinking about a painful experience, you suddenly feel sad. If you're thinking about a pleasurable event, you suddenly become happy. Your thoughts also create your actions. Your thoughts will make or break you!

Inevitably you will reach obstacles, road blocks, and waiting patterns in life, but your ability to continue thinking you CAN and WILL achieve your goal is paramount! In life we are granted control of only one entity, ourselves. This means you can control the thoughts you dwell on, repeat, and circulate through your being. Just because a negative thought enters, doesn't mean it should get continued play-time on your mental radio. When you start to think about all of the bad, negative, or counterproductive things that could happen IMMEDIATELY stop and remind yourself why you can and will achieve this goal, dream, or ambition.

Second, BE CONSISTENT. In order for anything valuable to be obtained you must learn consistency. After your thoughts, your work ethic is a tremendous indicator of why you are or are not succeeding. You must resolve to consistently, and persistently do the work required to attain your goal. Every day commit time to succeed. This could be as simple as having strategic thinking sessions where you map out the next few steps required to progress in the right direction. This could be a simple verbal confession that reminds you of your desired end and your commitment to making that desire a reality. This could be time set studying, researching, educating yourself from experts in your area of interest. Finding and utilizing wisdom from those who have already attained your goal creates opportunities to reaffirm your dream is first possible, and then offer you opportunities to avoid unnecessary mistakes while in pursuit.

Consistency means even if your desired date and time to reach the goal has not been met, you will continue actively working. So often we quit just before the breaking point. Like the miner who's been mining away for days and days and quits because he doesn't realize he was only a few more inches from gold. It's often said that the darkest hour is just before daybreak, meaning things may appear the furthest away just before they come to pass. Don't quit, be consistent.

Third, BE CLEAR. Ensure you have clear parameters of what success means for you. Vague ambitions are the hardest to achieve because you never know when you've actually succeeded fully. Have a clear, defined vision of your expected end. Understand the major milestones of progress toward that end, and celebrate every small victory along the way. Having celebrations allows you to renew your passion, excitement, and validity of this pursuit. Celebrations along the way will keep you from waiting until the "end" to find fulfillment. The journey will become as fulfilling as the destination.

Learn to define your own success. Successfulness is subjective. One person's success may be defined by financial income, while another's success is defined by familial or relational health, and still another's success may be defined by educational achievements. You are the ONLY one who can define your successfulness, so be very clear and honest with yourself.

Finally, my friends, after you've thought you could, consistently worked for it, and clearly defined your success, all that's left to do is prepare for your new reality. Failure comes when all efforts have STOPPED. If you're still in pursuit you have not failed. It's like going through a maze, you may reach the end of one path, but there's still an avenue that leads straight to the prize. You can reach the prize!

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