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Hello and thank you for coming by to receive some powerful information.

I grew up in a two bedroom townhouse in South Philadelphia, PA. It would be considered a "tiny house"...that's of course before it was cute or popular to seek a tiny house.

When I lived there it was not cute, but it was real. My mother raised my brother and I, working as a cashier at grocery stores, small stores, and other odd jobs.

We were on welfare...back when you were issued a book of stamps, not the fancy EBT cards they have today. Nope...wasn't that lucky, I had to rip out multi-colored imitation money at the store. I laugh even now thinking about how embarrassed I used to be at the corner stores.

...I'd let everyone go in front of me so they couldn't see what I was paying with. Quick store stops took twice as long.

I can't complain though, I mean really... I was never hungry for a lack of food...maybe hungry because there was a lack of food I wanted, but we always had something in the cabinets or fridge to eat.

I lived in a neighborhood where shooting was a norm. Drugs were everywhere and you had to be careful what street you walked on depending on what street you "represented."

Looking at my surroundings you just wouldn't expect me to be where I am today...not that I've attained anything least not yet compared to my goals. But the small success I've experienced thus far is a HUGE accomplishment for those who know the odds I conquered to get here.

You see, when I was in middle school I had a teacher look me in my face and say, "You're never going to be anything with that attitude." She just didn't realize what those words would do to a person like me.

She didn't crush me, she ignited my fire! She put me on a mission to prove her wrong.

She may be dead and gone by now, at times I wish she could see me and eat those words, but the biggest revenge I could get was to succeed.

Let me teach you how to become a success magnet...

There are a few things that will instantly turn your attraction forces on for success, and I hope you are open to receive and apply each one.

First, you have to be crazy

Yep, I said it. You have to be crazy... at least perceived as crazy to most people these days.

You have to be willing what the average person thinks is crazy to do. You must be willing to stretch yourself past the limits of comfort and complacency...and you must endure every obstacle life will throw in order to test your appetite for greatness.

Yes, I believe wholeheartedly that life has a way of seeing how bad you really want a thing before it yields it to you.

Lots of people want money, but few are willing to work hard. Lots of people want fame and celebrity, but few are willing to risk all they have till they big break happens. Lots of people want a "perfect" body, but few are willing to eat and exercise consistently to get it and maintain it.

People WANT a lot these days, but few have to have success by any means necessary.

Until people are questioning your sanity you haven't become desperate for success. Until people ask you "Have you lost your mind?," "Are you sure you want to do that?," "How do you know that's going to work?," and all other statements of disbelief or doubt... you haven't stretched the limits of life.

Logic has its place, but even logic will exit the ship when the waters rage hard enough. Life will test your limits...even far exceed what you thought were your limits.

I've been there...thought I couldn't take another blow, got hit by something else and surprised myself because I was still holding on.

I couldn't afford college when I graduated high school...although I felt I could qualify for some form of scholarships, I enlisted in the Army for financial security. I joined the Army in 2002, the beginning of a very long line of conflicts. People asked me then...Are you crazy? Do you want to die? Why would you join the Army right now?

I was 93 pounds, literally had to fill up on water to make weight for my entrance physical. The odds were not in my favor, but I had something in me pulling me forward.

I went to basic training and, I must be crazy! What was I thinking? Hahahaha...I think every soldier has that moment. But long story short, I excelled immediately. I was promoted every six months for my first two years. I made E5 Sergeant at the minimum time in grade and service requirements.

I was a shining young soldier, even had a General to pin me Sergeant. I seemed to have it made...But that wasn't enough, I really wanted to go to school.

Shortly after I applied for a scholarship program and received a full ride to college from the Army. I was in school with a tuition and fees scholarship, a state funded scholarship for GPA, and I walked onto the cross-country team for another scholarship.

Isn't that amazing...went from no money for college to three scholarships which covered my tuition, fees, books, my apartment, car note, insurance, and bills. I didn't work AT ALL during my four year program.

What looked crazy was leading me to my own path of yes, BE CRAZY...but know what you're doing...even when no one else does. It's okay to stand alone, and not have anyone believe in your process.

The next thing you need to be a success magnet is very simple, but life changing...

You need to understand and believe that your destiny is in your hands... did you hear me? No one else is responsible for the quality of life you experience but you.

Nope, your parents aren't even responsible for what you become. The schools you attend, or don't attend won't make or break you. YOU will create your own reality through the series of decisions you make on a daily basis. YOUR perception of the events in your life shape your mind and ultimately your future.

You have to take RESPONSIBILITY for your life...until you do that, life will happen to you, not for you. As soon as you realize no one else can make your life great or horrible, happy or sad, meaningful or meaningless...then life will happen for you.

You will become fully aware that life is working with you to achieve your goals. Life is the best classroom ever! Not all the information is exciting, but it all serves its matter how minute or temporary it may seem.

After you are crazy...and responsible...then you must learn to BELIEVE ONLY...

I'm hastening to the end of this encounter with you, but this point is extremely powerful.

Learn how to reject every doubtful thought that enters your mind concerning your ability to succeed.

The Success Magnet is TOTAL BELIEF

How do you make yourself believe in something so strongly you dispel all doubt? I'm glad you asked...

Reconditioning your mind is not as hard as it may appear. It takes 21 days of consistency to create a habit.

When you first wake up in the morning and just before you drift off to sleep, give yourself a good 5 minutes to meditate on your goal and what you will feel like when you achieve it. See yourself in the reality of your dreams.

Force your emotions to run with your imagination and actualize your dreams.

Rehearse the accomplishment of your dreams and goals so frequently that it becomes real to you...even before it is tangible to you.

You can do this... it's the same thing you've done to believe everything else you believe without seeing... you believe that people existed you never actually met. You believe that chairs are safe, and you sit down without a question. You believe your car is safe, that's why you drive it every day. You believe your legs will work when you get out of the bed each morning.

You believe in so much...why not start believing in YOU.

I can guarantee every goal in my life because I am the magnet to my success...I believe in me so much I don't need external affirmation or confirmation. I am FULLY responsible for my life, and I wouldn't trust my fate to another person if you paid me.

You too can attract every success you desire...try it! You've got nothing to lose...but everything to gain.

Excited About Your Success

Simply LaChish

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